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Hi all!

Growing pains is not really an appropriate title, but probably got your attention. We are going on the two of this website. We've gone from 2 to 23 members just from word of mouth. We are not advertised anywhere and not on any search engines. So not bad. Actually, better than not bad, this site kicks ass. Unlimited image size, forums, blogs and of course my favorite, the chat. All of this without some big corporation telling us what we can or cannot do or talk about. Just a free exchange of ideas. I have learned more in the past two weeks from all of you than I have in over two years on CI. And now Charlie, Medley and Mark are working to make the site even better with more functions, easier navigation and of course even easier on the eyes.

The only thing missing, is more people just like you. The more people we have on this site, the greater the pool of knowledge we all have to draw from and more people we can share this fascinating hobby with. So with that in mind, spread the word, let your friends and families know about what we have going on here and invite them to make a profile and join us. Give Hopper and I someone to talk to in the wee hours of the morning besides each other!

Enjoy the site and hope for some clear skies so that we can all spend less time typing and more time imaging! Especially me!!!


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Comment by Trevor Woodrow on February 12, 2011 at 9:05pm
Hi All,

50! As of right now Astrogab has 50 Members! Not too shabby when you consider the fact that we are only a little over a month old and have been relying on only word of mouth! The past couple of weeks we have been growing by leaps and bounds. Tons of new content is being added everyday giving us all even more excuses to drop by see what is doing. We have novices, journeymen and pros....astronomers, astrophotographers and scientists...and everyone is more than happy to jump in and add to the discussion, debate, album or whatever.

I think we have a great thing going here, and I hope you all think so as well. Enjoy the site because I know that I already am!

Comment by Charles Dunlop on January 17, 2011 at 9:32am
yeah let's get more people. I keep promising Medley and I will get on this site and reprogram some stuff to make it better, but for the time being because of the severe rains I'm living in a construction site, but check this... I'm almost done installing my new flooring, or better put, I've floated my floors and now am about to start installing my flooring tonight. No more dust. That'll give me the time to devote to this site again.

BTW, I put us on google.
Comment by samiam on January 16, 2011 at 3:18pm
This site does kick ass , my favorite part is the image size thing + you dont have to wait for someone to approve your images before there live on the site.
Comment by Trevor Woodrow on January 16, 2011 at 2:34pm
Hey! We are on Google!...Nothing on Yahoo yet...

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