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I have a ST 2000 XCM CCD.  Started this hobby with an Orion Star Shoot Deepo Space Imager II.  If I knew then what I know now, never would have waited the time or money.  Started this group to connect with other users of SBIG products to swap ideas. 

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Hi Trevor, I just started using the SBIG ST-8300C. I,ve been using the SS DSCI II as a guide scope for a while now and I think it does a fine job. I'm wondering what you know now that I don't about this camera.

Hi Bill,

Welcome to the site. I am sorry I don't have any experience with the ST-8300C. I know very little about it except that I looked into that one before I got mine. The only reason why I chose mine over yours is that your's was not available yet, and I did not want to wait :) I think there are two other guys on this site that have your ccd and would be more help. If they do not seek you out, I wilI out them to you. Do you have a specific questions about your ccd?

I have the ST-2000xcm that has an integrated internal guider. I also have Orion Star Shoot Guider. Both guiders work very well. Weight is a big issue on my mount. My primary imaging scope and ccd are heavy enough, taking on another scope to guide almost max's me out on my mount. As far as guiding is concerned, I have gotten better performance out of the Star Shoot...pretty idiot proof. I am sure I could use the internal more succesfully if I took the time to learn how :)

Sorry I don't know much more, but if you are looking for something specific, I could probably direct you to the right person.

I may be OT, but I was actually asking about the SS DSCI II. I use it as an autoguider and I think it works well.

lol, my bad...I never tried it. It is heavier than the autoguider and since weight is a issue for me, I went with the lighter device. Sorry about that.



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