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I have a 8" reflector fork mounted scope on wedge and tripod, over time I have used different techniques for precise alignment, of course it is impossible "NOT" to view straight thru tube, diagionals are needed to see POLARIS, I now use a very effective technique, when I can remove the finder scope, less weight, #1. As soon as Sun goes down I start looking for Polaris in finder scope, when in view I center in cross hairs, #2. With CCD imaging camera already attached straight thru and focused a single 1sec exposure is taken, Ploaris slightly off center frame. #3. Adjust wedge, another 1sec exposure until Polaris is in center frame, #4. Readjust finder scope to Polaris in center cross hairs. #5. Follow hand control procedure for alignment, a. index. b. meridan. #6. Choose bright object, this time of year I will use first REGULUS second ARCTURUS, adjusting hand control to finder scope cross hair center, when ALIGN SUCCESS displayed, ready to go, still light out and focused, only need further darkness, when ready choose object, NGC, Meisser, SAO ect, With magnitudes around 10-15 a 20-30sec exposure is only needed, the above procedure works so well that little to no adjustment is needed to center image in camera frame, #7. Allow PHD guider to go thru calibration procedure and sync in for about 5min. Now all I have to do is wait for further darkness for longer exposure time 10-30min depending on object magnitude, HOPE THIS HELPS AS IT WORKS VERY WELL FOR MY SET-UP, Less time focusing, mostly not at all, No eye piece, diagional change outs, just ready to go still awaiting full darkness.......

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