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Hi All:
I'm an extreme new at astro imaging and on a minimal budget. I have a Celestron 9.25" SCT on cg5 asgt mount. un guided and my camera is a Orion solar system imager(don't laugh) I've seen images people say they have taken with this camera but all of my Jupiter images are greenish blue. Lunar images look normal. I take video in color and process with registax and or MaXIm DL that came with the camera. Through the eyepiece all looks normal and properly colored. Any Ideas or suggestions


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I would try to increase your exposure time and see if that helps. Are you using any filters when imaging?

Increase exposure time IE reduce frame rate? No I have no filters

I would try to adjust the frame rate to make the planet brighter. Believe it or not, my first astroimage was Jupiter using a Nikon d40 and I just did 100 or so individual subs (jpeg). The total time it took me was over 90sec, I'm sure, and I still got a lot of good details in the clouds. This was beginners luck at it's finest!

There's nothing wrong at all with the setup your using, I started with a similar setup (Meade 10" SCT on an LXD75 mount). I haven't tried the Orion solar system imager, but I agree with what's been poster here so far... I would try to get the planet brighter (slow the frame rate a little). My first time shooting planets resulted in a shot quite like yours, though I was using a DSLR. You also may be able to adjust the color levels, lower the green color for a more natural look... pretty sure you can do that in MaximDL. Don't be afraid to play around with the color levels, my shots of Jupiter don't start off anything like the final result.... I'll post a before and after image for you.


Thanks to all. Just need some clear skies to get out and play some more.


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