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Thanks Marc for the tip on the Clip on Ha Filter!!!

Hi Marc, just wanted to say thanks for tip on the Astronomik clip on filter for the Canon - ordered one and used it for the first time last week - half moon, and some high haze. Going to link the first 3 images, NGC7000, IC5070 and NGC 7380. Was running out of dark, so only imaged for 90min, 60min and 45 respectively. All 60 second shots. Used 1 master dark from my dark 'library' and processed with DPP, Power Stretch, Curves and luminance removal, aligned stacked in Neb 2. Finished in PSE7. Dumbfounded with results. Finally some context, texture and nice color. Many, many thanks.
Including 2 with the DBK and 8" Imaging Astrotech Newt.


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Comment by David Klooz on May 15, 2011 at 12:04pm
What kind of ccd did you get....I couldn't afford 2 either and thought with the fov, I'd use the Canon more. Glacier receded....we now have monsoons rolling through. Had a reasonably nice week last week and now due for 5 straight days of rain. Spring here has been colder and wetter than normal. Going to be a year of it. The Newt is nice. As an aside, I've changed scopes numerous times on the mount and bumped into it few times and still aligned so glad I didn't spend the $ on the pier - at least for now.
Comment by Marc Basti on May 15, 2011 at 11:56am
David, looks good, really like 7380, always a cool neb. Funny you posted this I just (reluctantly) put mine up for sale. Since I got a ccd I need to get a 2" and can't afford to have 2 of these. I know I'll probably regret it, always do when I sell something. The glacier finally recede up there man haha. Marc PS 8" newt- I'm jealous
Comment by David Klooz on May 15, 2011 at 8:27am
iBob, It's the Astronomik 12NM H-Alpha clip on filter available from OPT Telescopes.

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