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Steve, I've been messing around w/some preliminary plans to build a pier. Considering the costs restraints I'm looking at concrete also. I was curious where the top adapter came from? It looks like the tripod head, if it is, is it bolted down independently to the top square plate? I've been looking at Dans for the plate and adapter, but that's still in the $300 range. This (if it is the tri head) looks like a good alternative. That's a nice looking (neat+solid) setup.
Thanks, Marc
You got it. It is the tripod head to the CG-5. It suits just fine, once you are polar aligned. It is bolted down with the center bolt only. The plates came from a scrap metal metal shop in town for $10.00 a piece. I got the idea from this web site: .

Ah, the latest incarnation.

C5+, AT66, 350D Mod, SSAG, LXD55, 909 Module, ADM hardware

ADM rings arrived yesterday and got installed at 2am this morning after I got home from work (... yawn).

Also, just found (2) AC 110V Orion Dew Strips online in the last week. They run hot so I'll need a timer to regulate output but they work awesomely well. Dew is gone for good, finally! One arrived yesterday and still needs to be installed but I tested it and whoa .... Going to mod them by looking for flat tubular 1" webbing (in black, of course) to insulate the dew strips to protect the scopes from too much heat, and attach Velcro for easier setup.

I think a hypertune is in order but I'll perform it myself as I have the concept of what it's about. Will order Teflon bearing set soon.

I'm about the closest to a completely finished setup as I have ever been. Can't wait to use it!

PS, feel free to mention any thing you want about the drywall tape seam on the ceiling needing to be re-done. It's okay, I can take it.
Orion EQ-G
APM/TMB 105mm LW2 f6.2 APO
TeleVue TRF-2008 .8x FR/FF
Canon 50D (stock)
IDAS LPS2 Filter
William Optics Zenithstar II 80mm ED
Orion Deepspace Color Imager
Computer and Software
Panasonic Toughbook CF-29
Nebulosity 2

Here's my main setup, rolling C9.25 on CGEM.
JMI EH focuser
Full ADM kit
WO binos

Any recommendations?




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