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I heard that they are having issues, and that the CGE had issues when they first launched.  Looks like an awesome mount, I like the alignment process because you don't need a north star, that's pretty cool.  Anyone have one? 

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Interesting. Did not know that.
I have a CGE Pro mount and love it. Had a few little things to work out with autoguiding, but it was a matter of changing some settings on the HC. I'm not using an HD scope with it though as I bought the 925 last spring when it was only a $100 more than the mount itself. I haven't posted many images taken with this setup yet on this site, but I'll get around to it eventually and hopefully they speak for themselves :)
The cGe pro apparrentky has zero issues, but the hd pro is the new one. It has that cool polar aligning feature where you align and then go to a star moving the mount until its perfect. Thats pretty cool. Heard they are haging a lot of issues from guys running the telescope shops.
The CGE Pro HD is a combination of mount and scope. The HD is Celestron's new SCT's and has nothing to do with the mount. The new mount is the CGE Pro, which is what I have (the old mount is the CGE). Indeed there are people with problems that bought the early ones, apparently in the beginning the QC was all being done in China where the parts are made, shipped to Celestron and then to the consumers. Now (from what I've heard) the parts, while still being made in China, are shipped to Celestron and the QC is done there in the US before being shipped out, thus eliminating most problems. I belong to a few CGE Pro discussion groups and there hasn't been many new owners with issues, besides just not knowing what to do.
Ahhh. That makes sense. Do You use that new star alignment that mount has?
Most of the time yes, and I find it works great... the odd time I won't do it and will do a quick polar align after the scope goes to its switch position (the switch position is a setting that has the scope pointing to your pole, when you start the scope it automatically goes to the switch position.) Pointing accuracy is fantastic... never had anything that wasn't near the middle of the censor on the XSi through the 925, that being said I still use the precise goto (most of the time) to get the object centered perfectly, unless I'm shooting wide angle.
I took delivery of mine May '10. Love it.

If anyone wants to see my PemPRO PEC runs, I saved all that stuff and put it up on the web.

I had the original CGE that I got with the 1400 tub and had very good luck with it. A few months ago I upgraded to the CGE pro and love it. I did have to send it back once because the RA motor wasn't always working. After I got it back it has been great. I upgraded because I have mounted on a pier and it was close to impossible to polar align the CGE. The pro was a dream and after about 3 nights of drift alignment I can track for 2 hours or more in RA only.
Hope this helps.
yeah I heard people had issues with the RA motor. That's pretty amazing alignment you are getting. You drift aligned for three nights? That's serious commitment.
As for serious commitment aligning, it wasn't that bad. After about 3 hours getting it close I let it run and went into the house. Every 30 Minutes or so checked ad tweaked a little. I am remoted to the house so I can watch it and do other things.
I have one, had zero issues with it. I've got P.E. down to 3 arc-seconds total, guiding works fantastic. All the images I've posted here are with it. I don't have it permanently setup, so I lug it 20 minutes to a dark(er) site and setup each time.




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