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Starhopper nailed a great shot, he has the technique. Starhopper can you repeat what you wrote in chat?

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Thanks for the clinic Hopper. Looking forward to trying it out next clear night!
The other option instead of DSS is to get Nebulosity 2 and a DSUB and cable from Shoestring Astronomy. Your DSLR will automatically take anything up to 30 seconds in bulb exposure mode. Anything more and you need the shutter control program. You plug the DSUB into the computer using the pin on your DSLR and USB on your computer. The second cable goes from the regular camera female to USB female on computer. If you want you can get an adapter that's ac/dc connect in the battery area and plug in so you don't have to worry about running out of battery power or card since you're saving on the hard drive. You can frame and focus using 1 to 5 second shots, abort and do a preview at whatever time you want - say 2 minutes. If it looks good you call whatever shot you're taking M42 series and 100 exposures. It will take the 100 exposures at 2m each. You can stack as you go or leave them as fits files so you can add flats or dark as you wish. I've tried DSS but prefer this to EOS utility.
Ordered the adapter for my ccd to attach to the eos conon lenses. Amped on having a wid field of view and nailing this out. Super amped. Love to get the large north american nebula and so forth.
Have to wait and see how your's turns out. I am actually gonna give DSLR another try. If that turns out poorly then I will revisit the adapter. But of course, in the meanwhile, if Charlie gets his, and posts something incredible all bets might be off!
Im not able to attach a lense to my ccd as i have a filter wheel. Kinda bummed.
Yeah, was hoping to take advantae of the 100,000 ev dynamic range on my ccd though and with nebula filter jist havebcrazy nebula pop out. But cool cool.



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