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Urinal, a new observatory, and a more stable pier

Today my automated technical innovations PD10 shipped, be here next week. From now until then mostly cloudy nights, so I'll take the setup down when convenient in next two days, and rip out my deck, and put in a better more stable pier. Will drill a new hole, square it, cement it up and attach an appropriate bisque manufactured pier. Pretty stoked to move on this.

Here is my new urinal, about 20 feet from my observatory. :) Urinals are nice to be sure, and I went roman emporer style and had them put it in perfect height for me. Plumbing was in the wall, so why not? The fiance is stoked, because I never use the toilet, that thing is basically hers at this point.

Can't wait to get out again with this new automated dome and more stable pier, with a rotator and bigger CCD chip to boot. Have a pretty rad little setup, functional to be sure, and ready to be automated via ACP. Can't wait to figure out scheduler and have output galor. For those who don't know what Scheduler is, basically, it turns on the observatory on it's own, meaning if you are sleeping a it get's clear, you'll be getting shots of your targets without having to get up or even know it's happening. Total automation, I like it.


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