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My Ultimate ``Apologies`` to ALL Members of AstroGab."!

Yours Sincerely from Science Chemical Engineer
and Computer Science Graduate and ASTRONOMY Magazine December 1982 Astro--Imager Photographer "Mr. Jules M. Vieira or Jules Vieira, of Oakville, Ontario, Canada:
Astronomy Magazine December 1982 Schmidt Cassegrain Astro Imager Signed on August 28th, 2015: Astronomy December 1982 BackIssues Schmidt Cassegrain Astro-- Imager Photographer:: Jules Vieira the 496th Member of Astro Gab Member, Page 7 of Astro Gab Members:: Also my Apologies for the Administrators of Astro Gab as I had trouble in remembering my Old "Password" and the Automated Computer Website Computer did NOT recognized my out of date "password" and either told me to "Login In, which Failed, or Sign In which did get approval from the 496th Member now called a New Member of August 28th 2015 of Astro Gab Website. Once again, have a pleasant Warm of Hot Summer of Astro Imaging Success of 2015 and beyong Years Astronomy Astro Imaging Affairs Dramas to reach the BEST Astro Imaging Techniques, from Astro Imager Photographer, the original 496th Member on Page 7 of Astro Gab Members. Sign, Jules Vieira of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Astro Imaging Drama Affairs with Telescopes and Imaging Astro Imaging Equipments and Accessories to the BEST of ALL Members of Astro Gab in this Summer of 2015 and beyond Astro Imaging Years of Future Success Astro Imagina and Processing Drama Affairs of Telescopes and Imaging C.C.D. Chilled Cameras and Pro Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras Drama Successful Astronomy Astro Imaging Affairs with Telescopes and their Imaging Equipments, Good Luck Gentlemen and Women Members of Astro Gab Astronomy Imaging BEST Website Drama Affairs of Astro Imaging Sucesses both this 2015 Year and beyond into Future Years of Astro Imaging Success Drama Affairs, once again Good Luck on your Astro Imaging Success Upload Affairs on Astro Gab Website. May Astro Imaging Success Prevail for ALL Members of Astro Gab as Experience in Astro Imaging leads to Practice makes Perfect or Practicing more in Astro Imaging over and over is what makes Successul Astro Imagers and Photographers Platinum of "" Website the BEST above the "Hubble Space Telescope" Astro Imaging Photography and Telescope Time Exposure Stacking Drama Affairs to "Reach for The Top, in Astro Imaging Photography at Astro Gab Astronomy Imaging Photography Digital Astro Imaging Drama Affairs! Yours Sincerely to ALL Members of Astro Gab Website for the BEST in Digital Astro Imaging Successes Past, Present, Future revolving around TIME of the Astro Imagers Photographers of the BEST on Astro Gab Website Successes taking always TIME Astronomy Digital Imaging which requires Decades to "Reach for The Top in Astro Imaging Succeses and Techniques of the Astro Imaging Sciences of ASTRONOMY and Platimum BEST of Website. Again have a happy and BEST Astro Imaging Digital Photography Successes on Astro Gab Website for ALL Expert and Learning Astro Imagers and Photography Members of Astro Website!

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Comment by Neil Heacock on August 31, 2015 at 7:05am

Mr. Jules M. Vieria of Astronomy Magazine 1982 Back Issues and formerly known as "Astro-Photographer Jules Vieira" Astro Gab Website page 7 member number 496 who is now New Member on August 28th, 2015 Astro Gab Members page list number 24 as "Jules Vieira" but I have to offer and please accept my "Sincerest Apology" as I do not Know your new Astro Gab Website Member "Number" of Astro Gab Astrophotograhers and Scientists of things relating to C.C.D and Digital Single Reflex Lens cameras Schmidt Cassegrain Newtonian Reflector Refractor Prime Focus Manual Focus Lens (whether requiring adapter or not) if I knew your Astro Gab Website Member Number I would have said it and please "accept" my Apologies for not Knowing it. Collimation of all Telescopes Schmidt Cassegrain Reflector Refractor even Richtey Chrétien and Dall-Kirkham must be "Perfect" even from one Corner to the edge of the furthest corner of the Field of perfected collimation! Mr. Jules M. Vieria Science Chemical Engineer and Astronomy Magazine "A Year's Harvest of Pictures" 1982 back issues Knows even this! and 1/8 turn with Phillips screw driver is Too Much at times!! You must be perfectly carefully "moving and handling" these all 3 perfectly Collimated Telescopes Computerized of your possession that hold this perfected collimations even to the "Field Of View" edges of the XLT Multi-Coated and start taking pictures to show us here at Astro Gab Website Astrophotography of excellence my friend!!


Comment by Jules Vieira. on August 31, 2015 at 12:14am

Sir. Neil Heacock, when a waited for my ``Forgot Password`` select link, the Website Computer stated ``Password not recognized`` please Login or Sign In. I tried Login 1st but the automated computer e-mail stated ``passed not recognized`` and the e-mail did not give me my ``old password`` and simply the only option was to ``Sign In`` as a new member of AstroGab. I am truly sorry, but I had to do Collimation on 3 Telescopes which took me from 2013 until this August of 2015 to accomplish, Why? These are NOT easy Reflector Telescopes that only take a couple of minutes to Collimate. These was one a 114 mm. Aperture "Schmidt Newtonian" of F/4.5 which is extremely difficult and time consuming to collimate as a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope is. Only slight 1/8 turn "tweaks with a Philips driver" per day at 300x on an artificial backyard distance of a Red Pin Light set at 50 feet away to tweak the Secondary Housing Screws only very slightly then observing if the Diffraction Extra Focal and Inter Focal Rings were centered right to the edge of the Field of View. Another 2nd was my older Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain XLT Multi-Coatings OTA, which also required the same 1/8 Tweaking with a Philips driver, up to 300x Collimation Accuracies which took me many Months of the year 2014 to accomplish 100% edge to edge of field perfect collimation. The 3rd and final was Celestron SLT 130 mm. Fully Computerized GOTO Reflector, this was only slightly easier at 1/3 turn tweaking Collimation 3 set screws with a Philips driver, but at 650 mm. at F/5, the shorter Focal Length Newtonians are harder to collimate than an F/6 or higher Newtonian , which the latter in very forgiving to Collimate allowing a full 1/2 larger turns of the 3 set screws using the same Philips driver and the same red pin light Extra Focal and Inter Focal adjustments to reach perfect collimation to the edge of the field of view. In total, all 3 Telescopes Collimations took me all of 2013 and 2014 until August 14th of this year of 2015 to get the most perfect exact Collimation set at 300 x of Magnification. It was a very difficult task to get perfect center to edge to edge Collimations on all 3 Telescopes, Schmidt Newtonian F/4.5, Schmidt Cassegrain F/10 and Fast F/5 Newtonian Parabolic Reflector on the Computerized Celestron SLT 130 mm. 650 mm. Focal Length Short tube Newtonian Reflector on the Computerized SLT mount. All in all, I finally achieved my best Collimation adjustments and I am now ready for Astro Imaging on all 3 perfectly Collimated Telescopes Computerized!

Comment by Marc Basti on August 30, 2015 at 9:29am

Neil, LOL. You are very fluent in Jules speak. Marc

Comment by Neil Heacock on August 30, 2015 at 7:19am

Mr. Jules M. Vieria of Astronomy Magazine 1982 Back Issues "A Year's Harvest of Pictures" and Astro Gab Website page 7 of members number 496 who is now New Member August 28th, 2015 Astro Gab Members Website astrophtographers "exquisite and extraordinaire" especially me Neil Heacock Dark Horse Nebula incomparable even NASA Hubble or Dark Horse Nebula by other Dark Horse Nebula imaging members of Astro Gab Website and other best Stacking Processing Science Techniques and CCD DSLR Schmidt Cassegrain Refractor Reflector Prime Lense cameras of any Internet web site Astrophotography gallery in JPEG formats, I have a question for you: Why did you not click on "Forgot Password"?

Comment by Marc Basti on August 30, 2015 at 3:14am

Mr Jules M. Vieria back and better than ever. Have you finished your 1000 page manifesto yet? Marc
PS Welcome back

Comment by Neil Heacock on August 29, 2015 at 9:37am

Welcome back Jules. :-)


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