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This was taken on July 31 2013 for 3 min exposure with SBIG 2000XCM(self-guiding), 10inch Orion F3.9 Newt, CGE Pro and CCDSoft

The location is my balcony in Bow, Washington, which is 10 miles from the famous bridge collapsed 2 months ago.

By the way I had crossed the bridge more than 100 times.

I had tried to take series of 8 pictures for stacking.

But the cloud moved in and self guider lost the guiding star resulting in elongated images from No 2.

I had a family vacation in Yellowstone NP in early August.

After being back to Washington State, it had been partly cloudy.

I had tried to take image last night with no luck.

By the way, I will try Maxim DL trial version for 30 days.

I wish to have clear sky so that I can get a better picture.


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