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I recently purchased a JMI motorized crayford focuser and a C5 to shoot with but noticed an interesting thing about the focuser's connection cable and my guide scope cable. They were 6 pin RJ11 patch cables. In a desire to create an extension cable for the focuser I got RJ11 crimping tools and made a new cable out of Cat5 cable. Turns out that the focuser cable could be 100 ft long and still work.

Then I noticed that my Celestron hand controller had the same 6 pin RJ11 port. I thus cut the Cat5 in half, terminated both ends to be a patch cable and used an inline coupler to connect the Celestron controller to the mount. Now i can sit in comfort in my townhouse while the scope is at the end of the deck and I can control it entirely from inside.

On the left of that image you see my hand controller for the mount and the focuser and the laptop for imaging. 4 cables go out the door: USB, focuser, mount, power (Cause the outlets outside are broken)

All going to the mount.

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Comment by Charles Dunlop on March 6, 2012 at 6:13pm



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