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I was out for six months with nonstop fog, and then Trevor got it with bad weather for like 5 months, and now, just when my new observatory, solid pier, paramount, off axis guiding with rotator... and now, fog rolls in three days now. It's thick fog that never leaves. It's going to rain on thursday that'll clear it out, but it'll just build back up again.

This is caused primarily by La Nina, or colder than normal ocean temperatures. They say La Nina lasts two years on average, this one is going on three. In Southern California we typically have 2 to 6 weeks of fog in late spring, called June Gloom. It lasted six months last two years. This year i'm hoping it's different, and it just lasts a short period.

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Comment by Charles Dunlop on April 22, 2012 at 10:06am

thanks Trevor. Going to set up everything again this week, and hopefully the rain clears it out at least for a few nights. grrr.

Comment by Trevor Woodrow on April 22, 2012 at 10:04am

That sucks Charlie! Sorry to hear. I feel your pain. LIke you say above, have not been out myself in months. Reading about everyone's new toys and seeing everyone's work getting better and better while I wait for a suitable night to image. Ugh! Good luck Charlie, can't wait to see your first light images!

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