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The 120 mm. Aperture ED Apochromatic Objective Refractor of 1000 mm. Focal Length F/8.33 Antares SkyWatcher Super Multi Coated Magnesium Flouride ED Apochromatic Refractor from SkyWatcher on Ultra Hea

The Antares SkyWatcher 120 mm. ED 1000 mm. Focal Length F/8.33 Giant ED Apochromatic Giant 120mm. Refracter Telescope with Equatorial CG-5 Ultra Heavy Duty Equatorial Atlas Mount from SynScan SkyWatcher of China from 2003 belonging to Astro Imager Jules M. Vieira in his Summer House Large Deluxe Bright Sunshine Living Room Detached Palace House with Large Patio Telescope Ultra Heavy Duty Equatorial Mounted Medium Large Telescopes GOTO Computerized for Astro Imaging Astronomy Agriculture Super large Backyard for Deep Suburban(5th to 5.5 Magnitude Clear Cool Temperature Constellation Nights "Naked Eye Magnitudes stated above"; right to the limit of Astronomy Planisphere Constellations Maps with some Messier and N.G.C. Objected Listed on the Constellations Planisphere Stars Maps!) Oakville, Southern Ontario, Canada, Large Backyard Astronomy Astro Imaging. This Telescope also uses the Celestron CG-4 Mount since 2012, which uses a "Digital Dual Axis Drive Corrector" for "Astro Imaging" using its Huge Aprochromatic ED Synta of China SkyWatcher "Super Multi Coated Objective ED Doublet 120mm. Objective Aperture. This Telescope was the Original White Enamel Version from SkyWatcher of Synta of China ""ED 120mm. Aperture 1000 mm. Focal Length F/8.33 "Black Diamond Series of ED Apochromatic SkyWatcher SynScan Computerized Heavy Duty Superbly built ED Refractor Telescopes of SynScan SkyWatcher ED Refractor Large Telescopes. Just the Tube ED Apochromat Low Dispersion Objectives of this ED SkyWatcher Apochromatic F/8.33 Super Multi Coated ED Apochromatic Refractor Telescope Tube Assembly only goes for $2,300 + Taxes United States Dollars without the Equatorial CG-5 SynScan GOTO Applied Electronics Computerized Assemblies SOLD Separately. Note the TELRAD Bull Eye Finder and 9 x 50mm. Multi Coated Large FinderScope for Easy ""Orion AutoGuidance Guider Application Auto Guiding with LapTop Computers and C.C.D. Super Chilled Cameras like my Meade Professional II Camera or other Brand C.C.D. Super Chilled Astronomy Dedicated Cameras or Pro Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras with "Dark Subtraction Frames, and 2x2 Binnings + Photoship CS4 , CS5 or CS6 Photoshop improvements to bring out more Image Data while removing ALL Electronic DSLR Noise from ALL Astro Images!

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