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SH-II-232_235-PK173+3 (Pu2) modified HST Palette

Here is an image of Sharpless II 232+Pu 2 and SH II 235. North is up. I had tried combining in standard HST (SII, Ha, OII) and CFHT (Ha, OII, SII) but at last found that I got better band contrast using Ha = R, SII = G, and OII = B. The image is at 60 pct.

SH II 235 is the brighter object in the lower right. SH II 232 is the larger central object. Note the little magenta dot near the three brighter central stars. This is Purgathofer 2 (Pu 2) also named PK 173+3.1 a small planetary nebula of about .33 in size.

photographer's name: Robert C. Mills
mailing: 6679 North Bergen Road, Byron, New York 14422
email addresses: /
phone number: 585- 409 - 1375
date: Oct, 2012 time 11pm - 4 am several evenings
location the image was taken: Byron, Observatory (my own little building) 43°07'05.7" N 78°02'27.4" W
camera: QSI 540
telescope used: William Optics FLT 132 with moonlight focuser
megapixel size of camera: 4mp – 2048x2048 7.4 pixel size
telescope or lens aperture and focal ratio: 132 mm APO / F7.0 no flattener
exposure time(s) and filters used: 150 minutes Ha, 150 minutes SII, 150 minutes OIII) Baader Planetarium Narrow Band filters 7-8 nm each
Processed: MaximDL, PixInsight, Photo Shop 4

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