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Partial Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999; VALTELLINA, ITALY

I wanted , for once , to document the effect of Sunlight Falling on the surrounding terrestrial landscape and not so much the visual effects created by the occultation of the Sun Disc by the Moon ! I took the opportunity of Great Beauty of Valtellina Landscape that appeared before my eyes by a Natural "Terrace " placed at about 1600 meters above sea level , near Alpine Malgas with Oxen and several pets that have reacted in Incredible manner to the disappearance of the Solar Light . . ! You must consider that was Noon in a Summer Day! ! The temperature suddenly plummeted , and within minutes we went from about 20 degrees of a magnificent and crisp summer sunny day on Mountains at less than 10 degrees and with the almost total darkness (the disk was hidden for 96 - 97% from my position ) the peaks of the mountains appeared suddenly, Threatening and leaden and the Animals appeared Confused and Very Scared ! In fact, the oxen mooed in continuous and the dogs were barking frantically as a Serious and Imminent Danger ! The birds , on the contrary , most non chirping ... ! At the onset of the Sunlight ,Quiet returned immediately ..! Really an Very Emotional Experience; Wonderful and Amazing because even lived in Lone ...!

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