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This image was a random by luck using the ASTRO TRAC with a CANON 400D 300mm ISO 800 10 minute exposure, somewhere in the S/W low about 20 deg above horizon with no intention to really capture anything, but this is what appeared, best I can tell in that area of the sky, it is NGC 1886 and cluster M-79, I have been unable to find and real information on the galaxy........

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Comment by Courtney Seligman on June 24, 2012 at 7:26pm

I'm working on a catalog of NGC objects, and ran across this picture. It is a beautiful picture, but unfortunately it is not of M79 or NGC 1886, as the star field is all wrong, and the cluster is much smaller than M79. I wish it were the right objects, as the best image I've been able to find of NGC 1886 isn't nearly as nice (see ).


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