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California Nebula Ha Mosaic - Panels 0 & 1

Managed to get in the second panel of this beast amidst transient cloud cover. I think the seeing and tracking were a bit better tonight on closer inspection of the right panel. I still haven't quite got the seamless integration part down yet, so I'm still working on it. It's 3am, I'm tired, so I'm satisfied for now.

Edit: In hindsight this morning, I realise I really could have framed this better and possibly cut down the number of panels I'd have needed to do. Fiddlesticks.

William Optics 110FLT Apo Trip
QSI 583ws
300s x 36 3nm Ha (Each panel, 6 hours total so far)

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Comment by Conor on November 4, 2011 at 2:52pm
Thanks for the comments fellas. Panel 3 is incoming.

S-Hop; you're right, it's all about the challenge. Forget about one-clicks though, a few hundred thousand worth of gear would do the trick!

Dave; The PI tutorial on mosaics is what I'm following. This is my first go at doing one, but the tutorial videos are pretty spot on. So far as frame adaption goes, the PixelMath tool really comes into it's own here. With the equation they give you, it's so damn easy to dial in the appropriate parameters. It's such a powerful tool.
Comment by Dave Lane on November 4, 2011 at 12:15pm
Very cool look man. I look forward to figuring mosaics out...
Comment by Conor on November 4, 2011 at 4:40am
I appreciate your comment, T. You're right about critiquing our own work. The more I look at the image, the more I scrutinise it. I guess I should just be glad I'm getting a couple of hours of clear skies to take the scopes out for a walk. Initially, I want to do maybe 6 panels which I hope to get printed and mount on my wall. In a fit of insanity and freakish spell of prolonged clear weather, however, I may push this out to 9. My plan is to get the mosaic panels early in the night before Perseus crosses the meridian and then go on with other targets after local midnight. The mosaic is pretty time consuming, but I think this is a good target to try it out on first. Who knows, I might go completely insane and do a Barnard's loop mosaic next!
Comment by Trevor Woodrow on November 4, 2011 at 12:11am
Now that is what I am talking about! I'll tell ya, that is one hell of a job there...until I read your comment, I thought it was seemless...only after I blew it up could I see the seam, but honestly you would not see it unless you were really looking for it. We are our own worst critics my friend. The image looks great! How many more panesl do you think?


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