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The back rear side of the Celestron C-8 inch 1978, Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope, used to Photograph on ASTRONOMY Magazine 1982 December BackIssues on "A Year's Harvest of Pictures" under the "Table of Contents" under the above Astronomy Magazine 1982 December BackIssues on (j) The Lunar Terminator at F/60 using Plus X Black and White Plus X ISO ASA 125 Film by Jules Vieira, Astronomy Magazine of the above issue made a spelling mistake in writting "Jules Vieiru, they knew from my ASTRONOMY Magazine Subscription from June of 1979 to December of 1991 of ASTRONOMY Magazines that is was Addressed to Astro Imager Photographer "Jules M. Vieira" NOT "Jules Vieiru but Jules Vieira" David Eicher Editor in Chief of ASTRONOMY Magazine should get their Astro Imagers names correctly to their ASTRONOMY Magazine Subscription names correctly such as mine as "Jules Vieira" Astronomy Subscriber NOT "Jules Vieiru" on Section (j) The Lunar Terminator taken on Kodak Plus X ISO ASA 125 by Jules Vieira using a Celestron C8 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope shown a left in this Image Color Photograph Taken on a SONY W100 Semi Professional Camera with "Manuel Exposure Mode" of the Rear Cell Back end of the 1978 Celestron C-8 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope with "Special Coatings of Double Layer of Magnesium Flouride "Deep Blue Multi-Coatings on the Orange C-8 1978 Celestron C-8 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope taken at my Large Living Room Summer House with "Central Air Conditioning in the Summer of July, 2015. Even today on March 26th, of this Year of 2018, this Mint Conditioned 1978, "On Baker's Street(1978) Radio Stereo FM Music by 1978, David Flatterdey of Scotland on Canadian FM. Stereo Radio where I worked my Blazing Blood Sweat and Tears at a "Contracted Construction Job, in the Summer of 1978, Starting on June 10th of 1978 to September 8th of 1978, the most Dangerous Job of Contracted Construction with NO Workman's Compensation I made 3x above Minimum Wage at the Total Risk of Death or Severe Crippling Injury which Hopefully did NOT Occur do to my Intense Job Concentration and Extreme Cautious Dexterity of my Fingers and Hands Construction Gloves working at the Whitby CourtHouses in Oshawa, Ontario , Canada Contracted Construction Job getting up at 5:30 A.M. Mornings until 6:00 P.M. at Night, the most brutal life threatening Job of Summer of 1978 that I Jules M. Vieira Astro Imager will ""NEVER"" again do the above Contracted Construction Job NEVER again and do NOT recommend it even to the most Muscular of Men do to its Electric JackHammer Cement Wall Drilling Requirements that Damage your Muscles do to the Extreme brutal rapid strong vibrations of the Electric JackHammers Drilling large 8 inch Tattood Circular Grey 12 inch Cement Walls to Thread and place "12 inch Circular Diameter Heating Ducts for Heating and Air Conditioning Contracted Construction Ducts". Today the Telescope in these Images of the Original Celestron C-8 Telescope in Mint Prestine Condition , Adjusted for Inflation Today in 2018 is worth $5,298 USD in United States of America Dollars and I will ""NOT"" sell because when I worked at the Above Job I was in the Summer between Grades 9 and 10 at 16+ years of Age that NO Young Teenager at that time of Early Secondary Collegiate High School "NEVER" wanted to do in 1978, except get Super Easy Summer Holidays for the Majority of Secondary High School Students during their July and August and 1st week of September Summer Super Easy Holidays or Easy Jobs such as "Janitor or Typewriters 50 to 60 words per minute Typewriting Jobs in the Summer of 1978" at this. I Also Type at 50 Words per Minute as apparent in my Heavy writing here at AstroGab.ning Website with also 3 Diplomas in MicroSoft Office Suite of MicroSoft "Excel 2007(Chemical Engineering Equations and Cells Custom Equation Fast Computer Reponses and Astro Imaging Exposure Values Equations for Astro Imagings)" and MicroSoft "Word 2007" and MicroSoft "Access 2.0 (Database" Data Entry Exper

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