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One of the real disadvantages of an urban setting is vignetting caused by stray light and light pollution and/or smog in the sky, causing "skyglow" and saturating our images prematurely..

Recently I downloaded the free trial of Gradient Exterminator and applied it to many of my Astrophotos. It's very easy to use and made instant improvements to almost every image I used it on. I've since purchased this photoshop add-on.

I am very happy with it. Thoughts?

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The GradientXterminater plug-in IS A MUST!!! I've been using it for about a year and I highly recommend it.
Thanks, Steve, I agree. I used it successfully to shoot Comet 103P when it was about 25 degrees from the Moon. The entire left side of the frame was totally washed out with Moonglow. Gradient Xterminator successfully reduced the vignetting to acceptable levels.
Hi, Starhopper, Thanks for the link to the tutorial. GOOD STUFF! I think I'll have to order the LEVELIZER add-on. And you are right about Gradient Xterminator's ability to remove uneven field illumination.Looking back, that's the main reason I bought it. There are plenty of ways to remove EVEN illumination.

And uneven illumination is usually a bigger problem for us urbanites, We have to deal with the neighbor's porch light, or the Merc Vapor light down the road or the snow reflecting off the house next door, etc.



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