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hey guys here is a video that i got a nice saturn pic from it is a lil dim but a strech of the history gram will brighten up nicely

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if u notice the cass div showing every now and then thats what u looking for wen focusing u have to watch it for a min to c so patience is the virtue lol
spike, what scope and cam was used in this taking this vid?
c-11 canon rebel t1i 2x barlow lens uv ir cut filter
ben it was the cgem1100 and canon t1i unmoded 2x barlow captured with eos movie record free program stacked in registax 5 and post process in gimp2.6 another free software thanks fpr lookin buddy did u check the atachment pic thats the picture from the video 5000 frames i think
yeah looks amazing - I think im still struggling with focus on my cam the preview i get is a little fuzzy, also i think im not getting enough frames.

i just need a clear night but the UK isnt known for its good weather... oh well. fingers crossed
what cam do u have and what scope
CPC 925 with the Neximage (yes i know its a cheap cam - it came free with it)
shoot that is a great cam i have one and use it lots 9.25 sweet man
i kind of jumped in at the deep end being my first proper telescope
im glad u say its a good cam, but i have trouble using it never get a good focus...

Link to my Flickr Page
well that could b settings also and collimatiom of the scope if collimation is out i dont care what cam u have it will not focus as far as settings on neximage 5fps is its sweet spot and keep the gain and gamma down to keep a clear pic without a lot of noise do u no how to collimate ur scope if not we would b glad to help u if we can and hey jumping off in the deep end lol i no how u feel we all do give it some time and u will b surprised at what u will learn in a quick time
yeah i need to learn about collimation, i have a friend who has a reflector and he collimates that alot... so he might be able to help me, not sure how different a cassergrain is to collimate.

i have learnt loads already and still cant wait to get a good pic of saturn or even some deepsky eventually (bit of a way off still this one)

anyway i will play about with the settings again looks like i might have a clear night at last, i will show u what i get.
cool man yep not ant differnt on collimation cool post it up wen u get it cant wait to c what u get



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