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I'm an extreme newbie at astro imaging and on a minimal budget. I have a Celestron 9.25" SCT on cg5 asgt mount. un guided and my camera is a Orion solar system imager(don't laugh) I've seen images people say they have taken with this camera but all of my Jupiter images are greenish blue. Lunar images look normal. I take video in color and process with registax and or MaXIm DL that came with the camera. Through the eyepiece all looks normal and properly colored. Any Ideas or suggestions


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You have a great scope may I suggest if you can borrow or buy a 2X barlow to get a closer image and then we can work with the colour , I use Nebulosity had most of the green gone , it could be the settings your using

I'll have to try that I have a 2x barlow. I tried going the other way with a .5 focal reducer it didn't help not many settings you can mess with in the video capture or image capture. with the software provided. I had a celestron next image and a meade lpi never had this problem. but it was with other scopes. I'll try the barlow tonight skies willing.



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