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Since we all deal w/trees, bldgs. obstructions, what is the best part of sky? I can only go from E to meridien and my southern limit is around betelguise maybe a little farther N (I know that bites-the best part of the sky). If it's feasible for the group as a whole I'll take part. Lets hash it out for awhile and see what comes up. Marc

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Yeah, my sky is even worse. I have a very small piece of the South West Sky. Of course, this will be a process. And we are not limited to just stitching images together along the edges. That is one way. Taking several smaller images to create a larger one. Second would be simply hitting the same object with similar equipment and add all the time together. A third way, as I see it, is to hit the same object two different focal lengths. That will give a broader feild of view, with the ability to zoom in to find subtle detail not visable in the original image.

That said...we could start off by trying to combine things we have already shot, to nail the process, while looking forward to new targets. Would love to nail a whole constellation, like Orion, but that would be down the road. You know, have someone shoot a widefield encompassing a whole constellation, and use that as a template to build a huge hi-rez mosaic. But like I said, we need to walk before we can run. We should try to combine something already shot first....Looking forward...just East and North of Betelguise is NGC 2264..Christmas tree cluster (cluster and nebulosity). It is saying that the whole object is 3 degrees in diameter.

What do you think?
Sorry Trevor, it's me the computer dolt I shouldn't have started a new thread w/ sky access that way the whole thing would be in one place. Can administrator merge the mess. The third way sounds like a 1) cool 2) a bear to do. I like the simple (yah right) stitching route. But I'm game for whatever. Marc



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