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In this discussion you will find the news around APT. Information for all of APT's features can be found at

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This, as well as Backyard EOS look like great utilities. I'll need to look in to getting the cable for both the 30D and my 350D mod.
Thanks Mark! Yes, you will need a serial cable if you want to control your cameras from APT. BTW in the net there are descriptions how to make such yourself ;)
APT now supports the newest EOS models 600D and 1100D :)
Some great news! APT has Tooltips in Portuguese thank to Nelson Viegas, one of the very first supporters. Many thanks Nelson!

The second news is that Robert Vice was very kind to edit the English version and made it much more understandable and clear. Many thanks Robert!

Both files can be found in the "Downloads" page on APT site.

Now the available translations are : Dutch, Polish, German and Portuguese :) Also I'm expecting the French one to be finished very soon.

Clear skies,
The German translation was just updated and is available on the site. Take w look on the forum or the yahoo group for news around next version :)
APT was just updated to 1.60! It has a new look and new features :)


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