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We can leave this open for tutorial links and people can add useful sites under replies. Maybe give a brief description first then the link to make it easier to reference.

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Found this to be the best info. on shooting darks,flats, etc click on FAQ
Bunch of stuff, unsharp masking PS is cool
Info on custom white balance by Jerry Lodriguss (his cd-rom's are a great resource)
Great Article Marc. Thanks for posting!
Heard his name come up before, feel free to put in a link w/short description what it is (that goes for everyone). The whole idea for this discussion was to have one consolidated resource list that would be easy to access and find particular info. You can see what happens to links in other comment/discussion areas once more comments are added -they're gone into oblivion- Marc
Asterisms- not really processing, but a good list of ideas of objects to shoot.
Processing dust pics, also good tutorial on stretching.
Comet Tips, you'll need to wade through a little
Jeff mentioned HLVG for getting rid of green in pics
Warren Keller's tutorials, Thanks Jeff


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