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I need some ideas about whats the best and cheapest way to make a wind blocker. If any of you have any pics I would greatly appreciate it. Lately if i have had good skies its been to windy for me to even try to practice shooting with out the scope moving.I do have it on a concrete pier on a wedge but it still moves. Thanks!!

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Hi Bryan,

I shoot from my tiny little backyard sourrounded by 6 foot fencing, so wind is not an issue for me but I found this.... it helps!


I was also along the line of pvc but i wanted to see what other ideas people you think that solar screen material would work? Thanks for the info Trevor!!

Dunno, I was thinking about building one myself, but my concern is light (neighbor's floodlights) not wind. I think anything would really work even cloth....blankets or what have you. I was even going to use old beach blankets.

I was even going to use an old one of these

taking off the top canopy and hanging fabric down the sides. I have an old one I can use, but I would not go out and buy a new one for this.

Let us know what you go with and how it turns out.

I have the same problem a couple of houses down.I would benefit from both. I will let you know when i get everything together.

I built one from PVC and plastic tarp. Made it tall enough to go above my scope with the dew sheild on it and so it would fold up like a "tri-fold" system.
The thing I found is I had to really weight it down so it would not blow over. Had it crash into my scope once and it was not a happy scene.
In hind sight I believe a bi-fold would make more sense because you can "part" the wind to go around the scope rather than block it.
I use 2" Sch 40 to build my frame which made it a tad heavy to man handle however - it held up to the wind loads once I got it anchored down.

Thanks Russ!! Would you happen to have a picture of it? Thanks!!

I can try to get one - it's a little burried at the moment (snow) but I'll try to dig it out tomorrow and snap a few. Pretty simple construction. PVC, glue, cable ties and a tarp. The frames are glued together and then cable ties act as the hinges and others hold the tarp in place.

I would hate for you to go through any trouble.but I do appreciate the offer. I have an idea of what to do, now all i have to do is go shopping.Thanks Russ!!



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