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Hey all, I was wondering how often you go out at night and take pics when the sky is clear but the "seeing" conditions are poor or the stars are twinkling. Do you still take pics? I have not been outside with my telescope since Jan. due to horrible conditions here cloudy and windy.But like tonight the sky is clear but the clear sky chart says poor seeing.What do you do?

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Hi Bryan,

If I waited for good seeing with a new moon, clear skies AND no wind, I would never get out at all. If there are clear skies, I'm out! The Sky Chart has been know to be wrong on occasion!

Thanks Gregg, I went out sat. night. wasnt the best but hey, I still enjoyed it.
I'm with Gregg there is nothing better then a night with ideal conditions , but I still have a tun of stuff to learn so I use less then ideal nights to practice alignment , guiding , focus ,ect .
Yeah, I never thought of it that way i do have ALOT!!!! to learn. Thanks Samiam.
I never have perfect conditions. I shoot every chance I get. The guys make good
points, but I prefer to have something to show even from a "learning" night.
Thanks Conor! Now can you post pics on here for direction without getting butchered? some people can be rude!
Everyone here is super cool . You should start a beginners group . I would be the first one to join .
cheers !
Living out on the Wet Coast, most of my images are probably taken in much less than good conditions but for me a night under clear skies is better than doing almost anything inside the house. It's just good to get outside for a bit. Most times I'll be with the scope or on limited occasions, I will watch over things from inside the house remotely. For the money we have all invested in this hobby it would be hard to justify going out only once or twice a month because of less than perfect seeing conditions IMO.

Have scope, will image, under all conditions!!

Gregg, What kind of filters do you use? What camera do you have? I would like to get some pointers. Thanks for your reply.

I forgot to mention that no matter how bad and confusing this all gets, and it could, just keep plugging away at it and sometime down the road it will all make sense and things will become much more easier and the results will come!

I need to just focus on one thing at a time.I have a bad habit of going from one to the other. any pointers as to what would be a good starting point as far as useing a canon dslr. I dont have video on it will that make a difference? I do own a neximager from celestron. Thanks again.
I don't have anything like your set up so it's hard for me to comment.I do know that without a wedge it's going to be difficult especially without the use of a focal reducer and shooting at f10. There are probably more knowledgeable people kicking around here that have more experience using your type of set up than me so hopefully they will chime in for you!



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