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Useful Links: Part II - Hi-Res Continental LP Maps

The first of these was the International Clear Sky Clock link I posted a few months ago.

This time I'm posting high resolution light pollution maps for the various continents.
Might be useful for those of you planning some 'scope trips or considering emigration
options like me:

I hope they're useful to some of you.


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Very cool. Thanks for sharing that link!

I'm curious about one thing: I didn't see any info regarding how old the data is, and how often they plan to update it. There are some areas where the light pollution deteriorates significantly in 5yrs or less....I'm lucky enough to live in one of those places (the most populated and fasted growing part of Canada).


To my knowledge, this is an ongoing project. It's the most complete set I've found to date.

If anyone can suggest a more up to date source, I'd love to know it!



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