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Just curious as to how the "photo rankings" works; seems some images, despite getting fewer views and comments than others, seem to linger in the top spots, while images with more views and more comments never even break into the top 10. How does this happen? A couple of individuals who do outstanding work time and again seem to get less recognition than others who only occasionally post something outstanding (and I am NOT counting myself in either category). Just seems a little strange.

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Hi .Jeff,

Truth is, I don't know. I am one of the admins here, and never gave it much thought. The top photo feature was already in place when the website went live. What I can gather from observation is that it is based on number of comments/views within the first 30 days after it was posted. I don't know exactly how it is weighted....comments vs. posts....but I believe both are considered. What I do know is that approx 30 days after the image is posted, it comes off the list regardless of the amount of comments or views.

This is all done automatically by the website.


Ya know what would be cool? If someone did like a blog like I have seen on CN, where people post vote on their fave images on the site regardless of when posted, views or comments. Or maybe even group them by category. Get like a best on the site astro images list going.

Just sayin'

That would work if there was a reasonably quick way to sort through all the photos that get posted here. Many have nothing to do with Astro.
Perhaps, there could be a submissions page where the member posts his or her image for participation. Or better yet - add a "check box" in the photo upload page that allows the user to submit that photo into the "vote of me" category. Then we the voters could easily find those images to vote on by following a simple link.

Then each month the winning image would have it's own place on the front page. I'm not suggesting a complete redesign of the site, just thinking out loud.

This may be off topic, but I'd like to be able to change the picture without loosing the comments. I am painfully guilty of posting an image and reprocessing after the post. Is there a way to do this?

It uses the same criteria as the BCS bowl pics-???? My 2cent theory (providing it's not the wizard(s) behind the curtain-I don't believe so) is site participation is weighed in. Like I said a theory. Certainly not based on views alone, which in one way is a good thing, you could just click on your own pic and drive the number up, I tried it and it appears to work (although that's pretty lame and I don't think it happens). I think it (the process) works pretty good, figure if it really posted just THE best pics on the site we would be looking at the same 3-4 people's pics all the time. This setup gives the rest of us hacks a chance. I like T + Russ's idea, I've seen and participated in that sort of thing on other sites. Like what was said, you submit the pic if you want (not automatic) and have a moderator then it's one person one vote- I enjoy those. Wonder if it's doable. Marc PS I do have one issue w/Top Pics, equipment pics. It take 2mns. to take and submit an equip. pic, it takes hours of work and effort for an astro pic. I think the spaces should be freed up for astro pics. But, I have a pretty good idea that the site (computer) doesn't see the difference between a telescope, a crow, or m81. So Roseannadanna- Never Mind

Think it resets every month.

I could do a featured thing, where the administrators feature photo's that are good one, and those ones would be favored in the rolling photo's. That might be nice.

Very good question. I’m amazed of long my picture of the “Summer configuration” have been lingering in the top.



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