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I was wondering if there is a site or would anyone be able to help with a starting point with an object to take pics of and what camera settings,exposure times and etc. then help review what should be done next time and so on I dont have anyone around here to ask. people i have met only look and have not tried AP. I have taken some pics of the moon and have tried orion neb. but only single shots. I own a canon dslr (rebel) and a nex imager. I have soo many questions but want to take it slow and learn the right way. Thanks!

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Hi Bryan,

Without knowing what type of gear you have I would start poking around in here when you have some time. There is a specific forum for DSLR users there. Owning a Canon Rebel is a good start.

I have an 11 inch celestron. i will check out the threads. Thanks Gregg.
Hi Bryan,

You've cometo the right place. Okay, you have a planetary imager and a DSLR. Nice start. What other equipment do you have? Do you have a mount with a drive? Do you have a scope? Let us know exactly what you have at your disposal. That would be a good starting point. We can go from there.

I only have a 11 inch cpc with its fork mount. I have cloudy skies tonight witch i can look deeper into the site. Thanks Trever!
Here is a really good link that will help you determine how long your exposures should. It is quite a read so go through it a couple of times. Once I understood this it was a big A-HA moment for me. Here is another link to help you decide what camera settings to use. Do you have way to hold your shutter open for a given length of time. I use one of these. If you bring a laptop to the field try this program.
Finally, here is a real nice site that will help you in learning about polar alignment, acquiring flat, dark flat and light frames etc.
These are all sites that I happened across as I was learning how to do AP, and there is still more to know. But these are the basics to get you started. It can be done, I've only been doing this for 2 years now!!
Thanks Steve I will check these out.
Bryan, the link Steve put in (what camera settings to use-Jerry's Lodriguss's site), I bought his DVD, "A Guide to Astrophotography w/DSLR Cameras" it is an excellent, complete (beginner/intermediate) how-to tutorial from cameras to processing well worth the $40. I made some print outs of certain techniques that I still use as reference material-very helpful. Marc PS plus I'd go with any/all of the above recommendations-they're all from experienced people.
Thanks Marc!
Thanks Starhopper i have a alt-az mount but i need to get a wedge. I do have a focal reducer but it seems that i cant get focus on anything its like i back the focuser till its limit. I dont know if anyone has heard of this or if i need a spacer or something. when the sky clears up again i will look at it again and try some stuff. i have a came with the telescope barlow maybe i should upgrade. is it possible to overexpose a shot resulting in too much light?or is there a trick?



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