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Hi Everyone,

Great site, hats off to the designers. All of my images to date have been done with an old Sony F-828 digital camera. The camera has it's limits, one of them being 30 exposure max and no ability to turn off the noise reduction so I have been researching for the last couple of months about a new camera setup of either a CCD or DSLR. Because there is another learning curve with all the other software with guiding, stacking and so on I have decided to go the cheaper route to learn all the other things first. I have recently aquired three SPC880NC webcams and the adapters to go with. I am going to flash them to become SPC900NC webcams and also going to modify 2 of them for long exposure so to make a long story short, what do I need to interface between the laptop and the guide port on my CGEM-800 so I do not damage the inner workings of my mounts computer? Thanks for any help, Phil

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Thanks Hop, this is some really great info you have here, very much appreciated. I am looking forward to seeing how the webcam works as a guider, thanks again for the info.



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