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In a couple days I'll have one of these. It's on a UPS truck right now.

Really looking forward to using it. I'm sending it right away to Ron@MoonLite so he can fabricate a flange so I can put one of these on it:

...and have it fully motorized.

I'll post a review as soon as I test it. I want to be able to get the Pleiades with some good length subs before that object goes away.


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Sweet! Looking forward to it Jeff. Can't wait to see what you can do with that sweet triplet. Any hints about what your first targets will be?
Okay, I had the new Orion ED80T CF triplet scope out last night.

Here's my initial write-up, I'm still adding to it as I go, and I've yet to process my 4x8min LRGB each set from the Christmas Tree Nebula. I probably shouldn't have shot that at first, but I didn't really care what the target was. Make sure you look at the CCD Inspector pictures at the end of the review. :-)

Great Review Jeff! Can't wait to see some images through it!
I uploaded a test image (NGC2264), it's nothing special. In fact, kinda yucky. Next time out I'll be at a darker site, and get something better, with longer and more exposures.
I'm sending the focuser back to Ron to have him upgrade it to a motorized version. I thought for some reason the non-motorized version would be adequate for me. But after playing with getting focus by hand - no way, I want it to be like the other motorized MoonLite I have on my AT8RC. So back it goes. :)

I'll redo my test report when it comes back.

I created a new post about the ED80T-CF with the MoonLite CF motorized focuser attached if anyone wants to see. Has some video of the focuser in action.




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