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I got a C6 at hands on optics today to use with my deck setup. Since i'm at a star party this weekend though, its getting first light here instead.

I'll have pics later.

Also, Chat doesn't work over the tether, so until they get the internet up here at Delmarva Stargaze i can't realtime chat. Forum post is good enough though

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i'll get pics up in a moment.

I paid $375 for the C6 and $75 for the losmandy D dovetail plate to put it on. It's riding piggyback on my N8 on the CGEM, it JUST balances too. I'll get pics in a few hours and post them.

The scope is "factory collimated" as in the collimation screws are glued in place. Thankfully the collimation is actually quite decent.
so... i need to find out how to get onto the wifi here, cause nothing of astrogab works on the wired tether.

I need to get an internet connection of my own...
Verizon 3G/4G. The 4G plans start at 50$/month and you get 5G transfer. I've never even gotten close to that.
i'm thinking of that. I also want to get solar power for during the day at star parties but that will be later on
I just upgraded to the 4g on Friday. The modem should arrive tomorrow. I'll let you know how it performs.
got pics up from DMSG, including of the new C6. i'll get pics of it on its new home soon too:



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