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Best telescope tool I ever bought. Little pricey, but got a discount. My scope was way out of collimation as I was overscrewing around stars at night trying to get it perfect. Thing was way out of alignment when I finally threw int he white towel and decided to read blogs and come up with a plan. Howie Glatter laser collimator has a beam splitter that makes concentric rings, you put it into your scope as an eyepeice and turn it on and move your mirrors around until they are concentric and circular and on the optical axis. Thing worked awesomely. Took me fifteen minutes once I had it. Defocus on a star to make perfectly perfect, but it's pretty close already. Highly recommended.

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Old tshirt strapped to the telescope. Found the center and made a clumsy X marks the spot.

Actually I got it a little better than this photo. This is an amazing laser tool. I used a typical laser collimater to get the secondary straight, then used this howie glatter laser splitter into circles for the primary mirror. Worked so well, I'm really amping to get a clear night.



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