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Hi Guys,

I was just curious if anyone here uses MaximDL as a guiding software. I'm fairly new to Maxim but I have been using it to guide and it does seem to do an OK job. When I watch the graphing component I get nothing but shark's teeth and I can't seem to smooth out the 'Curve'. Is this graphical saw tooth display typical or are you getting a smooth curve?



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Thanks Emil for the additional information and the screen shot. It will all be very useful to me!

Actually after inspecting my notes it was used the DSI. So is more on topic as I thought.
If your guiding camera is a color version you have to take into account the Bayer matrix too, sorry to complicated your equation.
Secondary, I always use a yellow filter on the guiding camera to reduce the effects of the chromatic aberration and to improve the star profile.
In maxim for guider you have to pay attention on 2 points: aggressiveness and min-max movement, also I don't set up shorter exposures as 2 seconds, I am not interested on chasing the seeing.
I use with ATIK the following settings:
aggressiveness X:7.1 Y.7.4
min move 0.01 seconds
max move 3 sec

Hope it helps


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