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I wasn't quite sure where best to post this; I meant to post it ages ago but
I completely forgot - I know lots of you, particularly the non-US/Canadian
residents, will find this useful, as there isn't really a good CSC or astronomy
directed weather forecast available for our areas:

Click through country, state/county, town to find your's.

It's updated about 4 times a day and I've found it to be pretty accurate for
my small town here in Ireland. I hope the rest of you find it as useful!


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The weather here is a strange beast indeed, Mark. There's a marsh close
enough to my out here on the edge of town. Many observing sessions have
been ruined by thick fog quite literally coming out of nowhere and settling
here. It can be quite frustrating. Humidity is the killer here. I really need to
get some dew bands...



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