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i made a camera cooler exactly like here and my temp readings last night were as follows Ambient temp at night 89 f. Camera box temperature at end of one hour is 39 f !! this is spite of my lousy insulation around the camera nose piece. Im only worried that the filter in front should not fog. whilie using on refractor i can probably use a anti dew belt , but i dont know when i use on newtonian. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.
cooled 500 d modified.
note i guess when camera is working the temp would go up by 5 degrees

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wow! that is awesome! I used almost the same exact type of cooler I bought at a truckstop! instead of making a box I molded a new backplate for my meade monochrome CCD imager.. have not got a chance to even test it.. but it is great to see others doing the same least I know someone else has some ideas. Thanks for the pics!
bring your cam up here to me and you won't need a cooler. Temp right now 1'F. Can't find a degree on the keybd, bob
This mode is not good. Before I mode mine I tryed this. This mode causing lot of problems as you cool the whole box. First it will be very bery hard to keep the dew away with moisure above 80%. The only way to do this is to use double filter system and to keep air between both fiters as dry as possible and air chambe should be enough to prevent heat inversion. If you are enough freak like me I would suggest you to do Cold Pin mode. First if the temp in your box is 4C the CMOS is arround 10C as all electronics in the DSLR body heat and the CMOS heat itself. The cold pin cool only the CMOS so you can use one filter to make airchamber. Cold pin mode is also lighter and much more efficient.

I can help you with my expirience if you go for this mod.
Thanks George, im a doctor and i have very poor at electronics, im plan to use a heating tape on the the scope where the camera is connected. will try tonight and let you know.


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