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Hey All...... I wanted to invite those from Astrogab to a weekend of observing, eating and comradery at my observatoey in Ardoch Ontario....If you are interested, drop me a line at
There is plenty of room and plenty of electricity for up to 10 scopes....
hope to see you mer for details!

Gary Colwell

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Oh yes, the weekend of April 29-MAy 1, 2011
Oh, man that sounds like a very cool time! Would like to go but cannot. One of the very few times I wished I did not live out are gonna have to post pics of the event!
I will for sure!
ah man iwish i could come cant afford it if i could i would its not like i have anything else to do lol
Hey, I have not heard...did this happen?
Yes it did and we had a one is weekend of June 3rd!



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