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Hi Everyone,

Some of you know me on Astrogab as Philip A Cruden and may be familiar with some of my astrophtography. In professional life I am a Production Designer and Art Director in the animation Feature Film and TV Industry. Some of the films I have designed include ANASTASIA, TITAN AE, ICE AGE and BARNYARD THE ORIGINAL PARTY ANIMALS and I have worked on such TV hits as THE SIMPSONS, THE CRITIC, BEAVES AND BUTTHEAD, PLANET SHEEN and BACK AT THE BARNYARD for which my company won a Special Recognition Emmy for Production Design.

Although I am very passionate about what I do for a living one of my other passions is the NASA Space Program. In April of 2010 I visited the Kennedy Space Center and was so inspired by what I saw I decided to create some dramatic paintings based on the Apollo and Shuttle Missions. My goal was to create unique, memorable images depicting aspects of the space programs that could not possibly have been captured by a camera. All my paintings are available as Limited Edition Giclee's on Archival Paper or Canvas and as Posters on Premium Photo Paper.

On my site there is also a section called Photographic Ar which contains some of America's great landscapes composed together with one of my moon mosaics, giving the images a slighty extraterrestrial feel. Any one of these great landscapes is also available with one of your own astrophotography captures added to the image in place of the moon. On my site you can see some samples with captures provided by Trevor Woodrow.

You can see more about my paintings on AstroGab at;

I hope you will visit my site and share in my passion for NASA's Apollo and Shuttle Missions.

All the best and Clear Skies, Philip A Cruden

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Comment by Philip's Astro Art on October 3, 2011 at 3:33pm
Hi Trevor, thanks you very much, it was a pleasure working with one of your captures, there was also some learning and coming up with a method to get the stars to blend well, all in all great fun. And, you are right bringing DSO's closer with a perspective guage gives it a whole new perspective. I look forward to do lots more of these.
Comment by Trevor Woodrow on October 2, 2011 at 11:24am
Hi Phil,

I really like what you have done, particulary what you have done with some of my astroimages. By taking some of my work and combining them with some truly breathtaking images of your own, you have created scenes that I would imagine could only be possible if someone was imaging from a planet significantly closer to these DSO's than I will ever be. Facinating conversation piece, and beautiful work of art. Well done!



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