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I got an 8" EdgeHD scope a while ago and have just finished development of a focus motor for it. I am now offering the "PerfectStar SCT" along with the PerfectStar Focus Controller. The PS SCT motor was developed specifically for the EdgeHD series and will be available more or less off-the-shelf for 8", 11", and 14" scopes from that family. Most SCTs use the same kind of mechanism, so the design is easily customized to other models, but specific dimensions vary, so I am concentrating on the popular EdgeHD series. I don't know anyone with a 9.25" EdgeHD scope and it is probably the least popular of the series - partly because it does not have a matched focal reducer. However, I'd be happy to add this model if someone wants it and can give me the necessary measurements.

See for more information.

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