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Taken with a Planewave CDK20 telescope on a Paramount ME II mount and a FLI PL16803 camera. Luminance 25 10 min images binned 1x1, RGB binned 2x2, 38 10 min images, for a total of 135 images over 23 hours

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Comment by Jules Vieira. on February 27, 2018 at 2:22am

This image of Messier 106 , Spiral Galaxy, is the Ultimate "SUPER BEST" Image I have ever seen of Messier 106. NO Hubble Space NASA, Telescope will NEVER approach this ""Ultimate Super Ultra BEST Image I have ever seen of this rare Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy with "Ultra Deep Intense Colors of Super Long Exposures L.R.G.B. Super Stacked". The Image BEATS the BEST, that even The Hubble Space NASA Telescope ""CANNOT approach this Quality of Super Large Frame, Intense Stellar Stars of Deep Blue Gradation Stars & Deep Red & Orange Deep Gradation of Stars seen in this ""Ultra SUPERB SUPREMACY Image Above Honours Gold Marks on this Messier 106 Galaxy Image, I am Speaking at an Expert Astro Imager, making this comment since December 1982 ASTRONOMY BackIssues. This Image of Messier 106 Extremely Intense Deep Colors and Ultra High Resolution Image of Messier 106 Distinct Spiral Galaxy is BEYOND EXPERT with BONUS MARKS of Vivid Green Bonus Marks of 100,000,000,000,000%/100% Hyper Super BONUS MARKS. I Give this the Ultimate Earth Image of Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy Beyond Distinct in this Hyper Super Deep Color Ultra High Resolution Image of this Messier 106 Galaxy BEATING anything the N.A.S.A. Hubble Space Telescope will "NEVER" approach the Ultra Super Hyper Quality of this Hyper Super Astronomical Exponentiation Hyper Super Image of Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy just a ""KNOCKOUT Image Supremacy Total on this Hyper Super Image of Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy". This Image would be "BEYOND Fine 9999 GOLD Image, It would be an Image Rarer in Quality than Fine 9999 GOLD at ""Fine 9999 OSMIUM and Fine 9999 IRIDIUM so High per Ounce in Value of $1,000,000,000 Dollars per single Ounce of Fine 9999 OSMIUM or Fine 9999 IRIDIUM that NO Bullion Dealers could sell to even the Hyper Super Rich RothChild Family Global Banks, because Miners of Mines Cannot even find NO OSMIUM or IRIDIUM Beyond Precious Metals at Hyper Expensive Super Precious Metals of OSMIUM and IRIDIUM so Rare that the Best Earth Mines CANNOT Find NO OSMIUM or IRIDIUM and that is the Ultimate Hyper Super Deep Intense Color Gradations and Hyper Super Resolution with ""NO Electronic C.C.D. Camera NO Noise in this Just BEYOND BEAUTIFUL TRUE SCIENTIFIC MATHEMATICS BEST IMAGE I, Astro Imager Jules Manuel Vieira have ever seen of "This Ultra Hyper Super BEST image of Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy I have ever seen in my Entire Life. This Image of Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy BEATS any Hubble Space Telescope Image of this Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy Defeating any Images by the ""BEST of Professional Astronomers will NEVER approach the Quality Ultra Deep Color Gradations & Ultra High Resolution &""NO Electronic Noise"" that this Total SUPERB SUPREMACY Image is the BEST I have Ever Seen in my Entire Life defeating even Jack Newton, of British Columbia, Canada. This Image is BEYOND Excellent, it is TOTAL HYPER SUPER SUPREMACY Above the Highest Honour Role Marks. TOTAL SUPREME SUPREMACY Image of Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy Hyper Super Image that I have ever seen in my ASTRONOMY 2012 Textbooks by Professional Observatory Professors and Masters of Science Astronomers Do NOT even come close to this HYPER SUPERB SUPREMACY Image of Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy. It appears, that this Great Doctor Professor Astronomer Doctor this Image will be ""Educating Professional Observatory Professional University Astronomers how to take ""Image Galaxies Perfect Color Colour Calibration Images like this one, in this Year of 2018 and beyond. My Supremacy Superb Congratulations to this Hyper Super Accurate above Bonus Over 100% Bonus Marks on this SUPERB SUPER HYPER Image of Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy SUPERB SUPREMACY Image seen here on Website Better than the Hubble Space Telescope Images.TOTAL SUPREMACY SUPERB Image in Vivid Green BONUS MARKS Above100% or 100 Stars BONUS Stars out of 5 Stars SUPER BONUS MARKS on this Total Supremacy Beyond Expert Image seen here of Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy Bright!

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