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Eugene Cernan

NASA Astronaut
Nationality American
Status Retired
Born March 14, 1934 (1934-03-14) (age 77)
Chicago, Illinois,
United States
Other occupation Fighter pilot
Rank Captain, USN
Time in space 23d 14h 15m
Selection 1963 NASA Group
Missions Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo 17
Mission insignia
Eugene "Gene" Andrew Cernan (born March 14, 1934) is a retired United States Navy officer and a former NASA astronaut and engineer. He has been into space three times: as pilot of Gemini 9A in June 1966; as lunar module pilot of Apollo 10 in May 1969; and as commander of Apollo 17 in December 1972. In that final lunar landing mission, Cernan became "the last man on the moon" since he was the last to re-enter the Apollo Lunar Module during its third and final extra-vehicular activity (EVA). (While crewmate Harrison Schmitt was "the last man to arrive on the moon" as Cernan left the module first). Cernan was also a backup crew member for the Gemini 12, Apollo 7 and Apollo 14 missions

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Comment by samiam on June 18, 2011 at 10:53am
Phillip , my favorite story Gene ever told me is right before he left the moon he wrote his daughter's name in the Lunar soil .
Comment by Philip A Cruden on June 18, 2011 at 10:20am
Sam, you have no idea what a huge fan I am of Eugene Cernan and you of course too. I could tell you the story of Apollo 17 from beginning to end. Although landing on the moon the first time Apollo 17 for me was the most interesting and exciting mission, both in the training and what they accomplished up there, the program ended with a big bang in my opinion because of the success of the mission. Please pass on my appreciation to him. It is so funny that you posted this I just finished a 32" x 22" painting to commemorate Apollo 17's return to earth. It will be on my new web site soon.
I am really thrilled for you, you must hear some great stories from Eugene.
Comment by samiam on June 18, 2011 at 8:41am
Gene has been my buddy for years , he comes into my store from time to time and this morning I hit him up for a photo , to which he graciously agreed . A classy guy all the way .
Comment by Steve Coates on June 18, 2011 at 8:33am
How cool is that!! What is the story behind this image? NAPA auto parts...what a hoot!

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