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I have 4+ hours on this and I can't help but cont to reprocess this.
Here are the details:
3 min exposures stacked in DSS for a total of 4 hours 18 min
Orion 80mm EON
Orion 80mm guide scope with SSAG
Canon T1i (Hap Griffin modified)
CG-5 mount (HyperTuned)
Atronomik CLS light pollution filter clip for Canon EOS
Any ideas of what I can do to improve this. I posted this for a reason so let me have it...

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This is nice clean image......round stars to the edge, no gradient, not over-processed, natural looking sky, etc. The only thing missing is some of the very faint outer spiral arm structure. I don't know what to suggest. I haven't been able to do any better with it. I suspect there is more data in there somewhere......4 + hours, even through 80mm of aperture, should be enough. Someone who is more skilled at processing may be able to give you some suggestions. I like it.
Hi Steve,

I think it looks good. What you may want to try to further enhance detail is High Pass filtering using the Layers palette on the image if you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Sort of a lengthy explanation that I've tried only once but see if you can find a copy of the June Issue of Astronomy Magazine and check page 64 for the technique by Tony Hallas. If you can't find that let me know and I'll scan and send. It's only 1 page.

I have that issue and have used it on prior images...but for some reason not this one. I'll give it a try...
Steve, when I think I might have lost detail (like outer wisps that got lost when dealing w/background) I'll go back to a version earlier in the workflow and bring it in as a layer, work on it and see what happens, sometimes I get it back. Might also be able strengthen what you already have (outer bits). I'd consider a tighter crop (she's a little lost out there), but then again you got good looking stars and it always kills me to crop out the hitchhikers (see T lol). So a toss up on that. Cool pic, Marc


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