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Hi All,

I created this group to discuss the pro and cons of both types of astro imaging: DSLR and CCD. I was prompted by a series of posts on one of my pics and realized that others could benefit from what was said, ecspecially those who are getting read to plunk down hundreds if not thousands of dollars on new equipment. Hopefully this group will help make that decision an informed one!

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I have tried both DSLR and CCD, my experience is I like them both but the decision which one to use at a site? to remedy this I have mounted the camera on top of the scope with a 80-300mm zoom lense and Orion CCD color imager on telescope, all controled at the same time through computer, only problem is watching two clocks when exposing with both cameras, kinda cool though, when exposing with one I can expose with the other without touching the telescope as the guider continues to do it's job guiding.
Lol, having your cake and eating it too? Very nice.


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