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Hi...I joined this forum last year but haven't been very active.....I have a question about posting photos. I have looked for something concerning your site's policy on this but couldn't find anything. What is it? Do you have a size or number limit on posting astro photos on your site? Please advise....Thanks, Gary

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As far as I know there's no limit to how many pics you want to post here over time. You are limited to 10 a day however. The size is dictated on your own "photos" page - checking quickly it doesn't spell that out (sorry) but you'll know once you try to upload one too large. Just click on the "+ ADD" button on the upper right and upload to your hearts content.

As a long time member (not admin) I know its appreciated if you include a little info about how you get the image. How many, how long, camera, scope and the such. That's purely optional of course. Also, this place is not limited to astro photos as a quick look around you'll see all sorts of things that folks wanted to share.

Have fun and drop in the "chat" from time to time as a few of us spend time in there discussing everything from astronomy, equipment, current events and sometime just plain goofing around.




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