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Has anyone imaged NGC 7380? Wondering how difficult a target it might be from a moderately light poluted area with a 6" Newtonian and a non-modified Canon 350D.....and no Ha filter.


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Barry, maybe a bit of a case of apples and oranges, but here's a shot I did. I have a Ha shot in there also. I am in moderately light polluted sky. I think w/enough time you can pull some red out of it. You'll never know unless...... Marc
Thanks Marc, that gives me some hope. I will give it a try and see what I get.
I figured it would dawn on you sooner or later......LOL Nice shot! I would be very happy with it. Maybe I can partially make up for the lack of Ha by doing a little Photo Shop slight of hand.
Barry, don't mind me I'll be the one in the corner w/the pointed hat on. lol Marc PS thnx and g-luck on yours.


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