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Does anyone use this? Thinking of getting one. Like the other company Moonlite but they never returned my email, so now I'm interested in JMI. Would love feedback.

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No one replied @MoonLite? That's pretty rare. Ron replies to all my emails within 24 hours usually. My new Orion triplet is on its way back overnight Priority (at their expense!) in fact, as they had a delay with the anodizing of the custom flange. Most excellent customer service and quality of product, in my opinion.

Just finally got a hold of Ron at Moonlite. Issue was his emails were blocking mine, guess I look like a spammer. lol. Anyway, I just ordered a 2.5 " motorized crawford, Blue colored. Stoked Jeff, thanks for the hookup. I didn't even know Moonlite existed till you showed it to me.

I'm sending my non-motorized 2" refractor crayford back to him (the one I just got last week for the Orion triplet) to have him turn it into a motorized one. Which I should have done in the first place. Oh well - a few extra dollars in shipping charges won't kill me. This will be my 2nd fully motorized MoonLite focuser.

If you have any FocusMax questions (if you choose to use that), I can probably help. I really like that software.
I'm going to see about the MaximDL focus tool first, then use Focusmax if that works. You have both, why do you prefer focusmax?

I should be getting my toy early next week. Really excited.
I really liked the look of those. I'll give another shot. Do you have Ron's email?
Ron Newman

I just got my triplet off the UPS truck, I put the MoonLite on, made a slight adjustment, looks great, I've got pictures already, and after I get some photons thru the scope tonite I'll post more tomorrow.

might have gone to my trash automatically but I delete that folder all the time so...I'll give another shot.

Good luck with the scope. I'm heading into four days of rain, just in time for the weekend.. hope you get to shoot and post some epic shots.
This is a great topic.

I just got off the phone with JMI, and I am getting a motofocus for my Meade ETX-125. Now the difference with my setup is that I am not using the JMI autofocuser (they also have Smart-focus) but I am going instead with the JMI PC focus control. this will allow remote focus control through LINUX K-stars... This is the last piece of the puzzle I have left to have a completely remote-operated EXT-125 with CCD and focus control.
that's pretty sick setup. What program do you use? And do you have a robotic observatory?
I don't know how good this JMI can be, but I've done myself an Arduino/Ascom focuser that runs PERFECTLY.
Easily found with a little googling - to be honest i have a little experience with arduinos and software, but all the development tools are available for free and very easy to use (I've no expertise with C++ and Microsoft).

It's ASCOM, it's USB controlled and powered (if the stepper is small, and so it has to be), and with an Arduino, an Adafruit motor shield, a stepper and a box, with 100 bucks you win a very good focuser.
Only an idea. More or less the JMI is similar I think.
this is the software to embed on the Arduino
and this is its ASCOM counterpart:

some photos of mine:

As said, it works like a charm
Focusmax is awesome. I've never ever been that in focus... wow. So I played around, focused, etc. So many cables and crap and my deck is bouncy, etc... didn't shoot. But I got the north star spiking on one second exposures and in my experience with my setup the north star has never spiked at one second exposure. i.e. that focuser is badassed. Super stoked you talked me into getting it. Thanks.



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