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Hi Guys,

With Comet Garradd starting to be nicely placed for observation and imaging I wanted to try my hand at imaging the comet and gear up for perhaps brighter Comet Elenin C2011 X1.

I have tried guiding on the nucleus (Just Luminance) of the comet but in the end didn't really know how to process the subs other than what's on my home page here. The next night out I tried guiding on a star and imaging R, G and B but really resulted in the same outcome. I was only taking three minute subs and the comet nucleus still looked circular.

What I would like to do is to get some good chrominance data (RGB) combine the images while removing the stars leaving the comet head and then paste that image back into a LRGB image of that same star field without the comet in the field.I think it can be done using Maxime, CCDStack and Photoshop. I'm just not sure how to do it.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I might achieve this?

If the clouds and Moon co operate tonight I'll be going after more data.


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Gregg, I don't know if this will be a lot of help, but maybe. This guy Tonk does some nice comet work, check out his posts. He posts lots of tips on comet capture and processing (just need to sort through) Marc
OK Thanks Marc every bit helps. I think I've seen some posts by Tonk but on the Astro Film Group of CN. I am going to read through your link now!

Thanks again for the link.

Greg, have you tried Deepsky Stacker's new comet stacking settings?
It allows you to stack the stars, or the comet or both.
I have used it rather successfully.



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