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Just to confirm, will work with a RoboFocus & Moonlight Steppers? Special cables needed for steppers? What steppers arecompatible(BiPolar etc.)? Since I am NEW to this site, how does one "contact" Greg Marshall to order? Thanks

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Thanks have contacted Ian King. No reply from Greg Marshall yet. I need to have a system that will let me focus my main and a guide scope remotely> Hopefully with a cost that is NOT "sky high."

Hey guys, sorry I just now noticed this section. The best way to contact me is my "business" e-mail:

PerfectStar works with 12V unipolar steppers, which is the same as the RoboFocus and Moonlight systems. And, for the most part, the connector is compatible, the difference is that I use a different (more accurate) kind of temperature sensor.

I had not seen the Ian King unit before, so thanks for the link. Please let me know what you think of his design versus PerfectStar.




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