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Trevor wants to do a graphics overhaul, colors and text theme primarily. What does everyone think? It's really easy to do, we can try different settings. Basically we can make the homepage like any of the options you have for your personal pages. I wait to hear opinions.

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I have an idea. Perhaps we should have the Messier and NGC and IC catalogue, so that our photo's can represent each object. what do you guys think?
Would definately help us to organize browse the objects. Especially for those of us who would like to reference objects for exposure times and the like. We should also have additional catalogues for planets, the Sun and the Moon as well.
One of the programmers from my company has been trying to get me to sit down to say what we want, and he claims he knows how to get it done. But I'm dealing with my house, and so give me a few to get all this done. Actually what I'd like to do is have not like celestron with galaxies, etc but have M1, M2, NGC0001, etc. Information about each object and have in our profiles our setups and when we add the pictures we can identify in dropdown which setup and then put the exposure subs, etc.. and that way they will link. Promote the knowledge of the machinery AND the meaning of each object.
Like it. Good idea w/the background info on the object. Got a source? Marc
Hi Gang, As some of you may know, I work in the movie business as an Art Director and in my daily profession I deal with color all day long with the art I provide for films, I also do film transfer on every film I work on and have to deal with Title Graphics, so here are my suggestions after looking at all the comments on this thread. I think the site looks great but some little color tweaking may help, BTW everything I look at is on a color correct monitor so some of this may seem silly or two little of a change to be worth the trouble, have a look at the image and see what you think on your monitor, be sure it fills the screen to block the black. This site is fantastic THANK YOU Charles and Trevor. THE IMAGE IS ON MY PAGE
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